At Boston University, I teach introductory, intermediate, and advanced Religion courses focused on Islam. I regularly offer Islam (RN 214), The Qur’an (RN 340), Islamic Law (RN 345), Islam and the West (RN344), and a seminar on Women, Gender, and Islam (RN 435). I occasionally co-teach a first-year seminar on Moses and Muhammad through the Kilachand Honors College. In Spring 2018, I will co-teach a new course on Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism (RN 249). Many of these courses have graduate sections

Most of my classes are open to non-BU students through consortium agreements with area colleges or the Boston Theological Institute. If you’re thinking about cross-registration, please contact the relevant office at your institution.

If you are considering applying to Boston University for doctoral work in religious studies, please visit the Graduate Division of Religious Studies website. I’d be happy to talk with you about your interests and our program during my term-time office hours.

Please note that I do not supervise or sponsor post-doctoral or visiting researchers, even if you have your own funding. My advising energies are directed to my graduate students.